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Crack Sealers
Cold Pour Crack Sealer | Large Crack & Gatored Pavement Sealer | Traffic Loop Filler

Pavement crack sealing 
• Safe
• Environmentally Friendly
• Durable
• Ready to Use 

Gatoring repair• Quick Clean-up
• Economical
• Easy to Use
• No Costly Equipment


Cold Pour Crack Sealers
ALT-671 Flex Crete™ Gray CONCRETE Joint and Crack

WATERBASED emulsion less expensive than silicones and 2-component polyurethanes
• Conforms to ASTM D5893 and C920 specifications • Approved by the U.S. National Park Service
• Meets "Rapid-Cure" skin over and cure time specifications
• NO vapors, respiratory or extreme skin irritants                  • Low cost barrier to entry with ability to use double-diaphragm pump or bulk caulk gun applicators (no expensive RAM pumps or caulking cartridge
s required)

Allstates' CONCRETE Joint and Crack Sealing Basics

ALT-654 Super Flex®

Premium Grade
• FUEL resistant - meets ASTM D2939
• Superior flexibility and quick curing - return traffic in 20 minutes
• No high temperature tracking or cold temperature cracking
• Seals cracks up to 1" wide in asphalt and concrete

ALT-651 Flex Crac

• Flexible and durable
• Excellent flow properties with no pinholing
• Seals cracks up to 1" wide in asphalt and concrete

ALT-656 Pourable Crack Sealer

• Economical
• Quick curing
• Seals cracks up to ½" wide in asphalt and concrete

Large Crack & Gatored Pavement Sealers             

ALT-649 Gator-Aid® GO - Asphalt Filler Sealer

  • EZ to use - Applies like paint – NO squeegee or crackfiller needed saving time and money
  • Walk ready in 1 hour and Drive ready in 2 hours
  • Insta-Dri® Technology – Cures in temperatures down to 40°F
  • Non-skid surface
  • Stays jet black season after season
  • One coat protection – extremely durable and flexible
  • Remains flexible in freezing temperatures and does not soften or track even in temperatures exceeding 300°F
  • ZERO VOC, coal tar free, PAH compliant, soap and water cleanup

ALT-652 Gator-Aid® - Mastic Alligatoring Patch

• Specially designed for alligatored areas
• Durable and resilient in all kinds of climates
• Economical -- no digging or heavy equipment needed
• Safe and easy to use -- just squeegee
• Also used to repair cracks over 1" wide and birdbaths

ALT-653 Trowel Flex Crac

• An asphalt emulsion with mineral fillers, ground rubber, and plasticizers
• Designed for heavy duty repairs
• For filling cracks in excess of 1"
• Easy to use -- just trowel in

Traffic Loop Filler
ALT-655 Duraflex®

• Designed for sealing inductive wire loops and leads imbedded in asphalt and concrete
• Rubberized asphalt emulsion modified with plasticizers and low density fillers
• One component, cold pourable
• Provides cathodic protection with excellent durability and flexibility

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