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Total Commitment
Allstates Coatings Company® has been developing and improving pavement maintenance products and industrial coatings since 1982.  The company feels an obligation and duty to set new standards when it comes to quality and cooperation, and to put these standards into practice, Allstates attaches the greatest importance to its customers' wishes and individual requirements, making available its considerable knowledge and experience in water-based emulsions, and always being ready with expert advice and support on questions relating to manufacturing processes, applications, processing, and fields of use.  It is a service that forms part of, and is closely interwoven with company policy, and covers the company's entire range of products.

We find optimum solutions for specific customer problems in constructive collaboration with our customers.  The name Allstates Coatings Company® stands for innovation and quality; we endeavor to live up to this reputation daily--in research, in customer support, in production, and in all our other fields of activity.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your company to provide an environmentally safe answer to your coating needs.  Whether you are interested in one of our current products, a new product formulation, or even distributing one of our product lines, you are just a call away from answers to your business questions.


Environmental protection is a burning social issue these days.  The use of solvents should be limited when possible.  Legislation drastically restricts the amounts of solvent vapor emissions to a minimum.
Environmentally safe 
Allstates Coatings Company® has therefore developed its products containing no solvents and little to no V.O.C.'s.  These emulsions achieve the same high quality standard as solvent-based coatings and are suitable alternatives with similar properties.


Research & Development
Coatings are not used solely for decorative reasons.  The protection of surfaces against mechanical, chemical, and weathering influences has become increasingly important.
Research and development 
Today, paints and coatings are used to protect against extreme conditions.  Thanks to intensive research and development, our line includes superior products.  When using Allstates' products, you receive the benefit of the latest chemical research and application oriented knowledge.  We provide technical service and are always ready to discuss our customers' problems and requirements.


Pavement Maintenance Coatings
Thousands of pavement contractors worldwide have found a competitive advantage in using Allstates Coatings' pavement maintenance products.  Our line includes oil sealants, refined coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealer additives, traffic paints and crack sealers that are unsurpassed for resiliency and ease of use. 

Pavement paintsOur waterborne traffic paints are safe for the environment and user. We manufacture traffic paints that meet all water-based federal specifications along with most state DOT specifications.  All of our traffic paints are available at factory direct prices  in most areas.  Whether you are a long-line striper, government agency, or small parking lot striper, we have the right paint for you. Call us for a quote! 

All of Allstates Coatings Company® products are durable and dependable, as well as safe for the environment and the user, as hundreds of municipalities, counties, and airports will attest. Allstates' pavement maintenance products are sold to customers through many well-established, quality distributors and manufacturer agents throughout the United States and internationally.  Call or email us for the distributor or agent nearest you!  The do-it-yourself home repair market can also purchase our fine products under various private labels at many nationally recognized retailers and home repair warehouses.


Industrial Coatings
Environmental safety and protection of investments are top priorities of businesses today, and Allstates Coatings Company® is foremost in providing the coatings to satisfy this demand.  From Industrial paintsmanufacturing corrosion protection coatings to roof coatings, to maritime coatings and acrylic architectural coatings--all are water-based and environmentally sensitive, utilizing the latest asphalt emulsion and acrylic technology.

Assets of all types are subjected daily to extreme conditions which call for superior adhesion and a water-proof and chemical-resistant coating.  Our industrial emulsions were born of necessity in the harsh environment of the East Texas oil field, making us well aware of the brutal demands placed on these type of coatings.


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