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Ordering Information
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Product Availability

Our products are available through well-established quality distributors and manufacturer's agents nationwide.  For your convenience, a current listing is on this website.  We are constantly reviewing our distributors' and agents' performance, which may alter the current listing.  Sometimes distributors do not carry our entire product line.  Call us at (903) 845-6436 or email us at acc@allstatescoatings.com to locate a distributor or agent nearest you, to find one of our products or if other assistance is needed.  NEW DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!


Purchase prices may vary with different distributors, agents, and locations.  Quantity discounts may be available.  Contact Allstates for any of your questions.

Factory Direct

If one of our distributors or agents cannot serve you with your choice of Allstates Coatings' products, we welcome the opportunity to serve you directly.  We offer easy ordering, expert advice, complete product information, and courteous customer service.  Call Allstates Coatings Company® at (903) 845-6436 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT weekdays), Fax 24 hours a day at (903) 845-5626, or email us at acc@allstatescoatings.com.  If we are unable to fill your order immediately we will give you a scheduled shipping date. 


Most of the products are available in one (1) gallon jugs, five (5) gallon pails, fifty-five (55) gallon steel drums, two hundred seventy-five (275) and three hundred thirty (330) gallon tote tanks and bulk tanker.

Payment Terms

Our terms are Net 30 Days to rated firms (subject to late payment charge of 1½% per month).  If you are not a rated firm, but wish to establish credit we will need one bank reference and three trade references with address and phone numbers.  Credit checks may take 1-2 weeks.

Loss or Damage

The carrier is responsible for any losses or damages sustained in transit.  Claims should be made promptly against the carrier.  Be sure any shortages or damages are noted on the carrier's delivery receipt and initialed by the driver.  We will gladly assist you in securing adjustment.


No returns will be accepted without prior approval.  Credit for such authorized returns (subject to condition of material) will be issued at the original purchase price less a 25% restocking and handling charge.  Transportation charges will be for the account of the customer.


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