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Refined Coal Tar & Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Additives
Black Elixir™, Insta-Dri® Sealing Additive, Poly Tough®, Poly Tough Plus
High rubber solids content, DOES NOT contain acrylonitrile health hazard compound.

Cold Pour Crack Sealers
Flex Crete™ Gray CONCRETE, Super Flex® FUEL RESISTANT, Flex CracPourable Crack Sealer
Rubberized emulsions designed for sealing or filling joints and cracks in both asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces. Ready to use on driveways, parking lots, walkways, playgrounds, airport runways, and roadways. Basic pourable ready-to-use, one-component cracksealers.

Oil Spot Primers
Poly Oil Sil and Oil Seal Primer
Quick drying modified barrier coating formulated to coat and promote adhesion over oil, grease, and gasoline spots or chemical stains prior to the application of refined coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers on asphaltic surfaces.  Can be used over all types of hot-patched areas or for priming concrete joints.

Preparation Materials
TriPoly Acrylic Filler Sealer                                                                                                                                                                       A rollable, ready-to-use, waterbased coatng made with 3 unique polymers and recycled roof shingles designed for parking lots, residential driveways, bus and bike lanes, road surfaces, warehouse floors and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. Multiple colors available, walk ready in 1 hour and drive ready in 4 hours.

Tack Cote
An asphaltic emulsion based Tack-Cote is specially designed for prime or tack cote on any oxidized asphaltic surfaces, alligatored areas, bird baths, pot holes, or for patching and filling cracks to promote adhesion and rejuvenate asphaltic surfaces.

Chemical Thickener
Viscosity builder for pourable crack filler, asphalt and refined coal tar emulsion type sealer.

Large Crack & Gatored Pavement Sealers
Gator-Aid® and Trowel Flex-Crac
Used to repair cracks over 1" wide and birdbaths.  Durable and resilient in all kinds of climates.

Traffic Loop Sealer
Cold pour crack sealer designed for sealing inductive wire loops and leads imbedded in asphalt and concrete.

Crac Shot™ (Retrofit air pump system)
Engineered and designed to fit open lid 55-gallon drums.  Designed specifically to pump cold pour crack sealers.

Pavement Tools
Crack sealing drum pump system, sealcoating and crack filling squeegees, brushes, asphalt lutes/rakes, street brooms, stencils, and any customer athletic stencil.

Traffic Paints
Inst-Dri® Waterborne, FAST DRY Waterborne and Latex
The highest quality 100% acrylic waterborne paints available and are the choice of hundreds of municipalities, airports, contractors, and property managers.  Available in white, yellow, fire lane red, handicap blue, black, and custom colors. All state, federal and high build specifications are available.

Industrial Coatings
ALT-210 Asphalt Roof Cote
A non-fibered emulsion coating especially designed to provide excellent protection to most roof surfaces against weathering.

ALT-900 DTM Acrylic
A quick drying modified barrier coating, formulated to coat and protect concrete, metal, wood, and asphaltic surfaces from oxidization effects. DTM Acrylic is a water-based acrylic system that can be easily used as a non-hazardous water-soluble water repellant and rust preventative that is chemical and solvent resistant. Black or Red with other colors including Clear available.

ALT-901 Epoxy DTM Acrylic
A one-component, high performance, quick drying acrylic finish formulated for application to a wide variety of metals and other substrates, either direct or as a UV resistant finish applied over primer
. Black color with additional colors available.

ALT-220 Acrysphalt™ -
NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
A non-flammable asphalt emulsion blended with an extremely high concentration of unique polymer to achieve extreme adherence and quick drying. A black one component, sprayable or dipped coating specially designed to protect from corrosion, water and environmental elements for prime or top coat on any zinc, surface-metal, concrete, wood or brick. Other non-NSF certified colors available.

ALT-215 Pipe Cote - NSF/ANSI 61 Certified                                                                                             A non-flammable rubber modified asphalt emulsion to achieve excellent adherence to the substrate. A black one component, sprayable or dipped coating specially designed to protect from corrsion, water, and evironmental elements for prime or top coat on any surface-metal, concrete, wood or brick. Other non-NSF certified colors available.



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