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Crack Sealers
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Crac Shot
Retrofit Air Pump System
Crac Shot™ Retrofit Air Pump System is engineered and designed to fit open lid 55-gallon drums.  This system is engineered to circulate product within the drum for proper mix before pumping through the application wand.  Crac Shot is designed specifically to pump cold pour crack sealers such as ALT-671 Flex Crete™, ALT-654 Super Flex®, ALT-651 Flex Crac™, and ALT-655 Duraflex®.  The safest, most feasible method available for sealing cracks on parking lots, highways, streets, airport runways, or any asphalt or concrete surface.  Only 5 minutes preparation and clean-up required. 

1. Diaphram pump capable of moving 100+ K.U. adhesive liquids through ½"
    discharge system and Redirectional Emulsion Enhancement System (REES) with
    no clogging, adverse flow factors, or emulsion shearing.
2. Minimum flow capacities should be 1 gallon a minute discharge and 2 gallons a
    minute REES.
3. Air pressure to operate system: Minimum 35 PSI --- Maximum 120 PSI
4. Open top product containers are required to accommodate 7-guage steel retrofit
5. System design must actively combat pressure fluctuations of ambient pressure
    conditions inside container.
6. System must be exclusively designed to apply cold pour crack sealer, which must
    be thixotrophic in nature to prevent separation of solids from liquids.

(Products must be circulated prior to use to assure proper pumping viscosity).


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