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Manufacturing Cold Pour Sealant since 1982

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Due to current clean air and safety standards of the E.P.A. and O.S.H.A., a good one component, water-based emulsion, cold pour crack sealant is being demanded in the market place.  Studies have proven that when all factors are considered, cold pour costs 50% less to use.  In addition, cold pour has NO toxic hydrogen sulfide gas emissions, NO risk of thermal burn, NO risk of fire hazard or explosion, NO risk of skin irritation from fumes, NO expensive equipment for heating and applying, FEWER people required to do the job, NO lost time waiting for heat-up/cool-down, and EASIER, less costly clean-up.  With all of these benefits, cold pour is safer to apply and reduce Workman's Compensation claims.

Allstates Coatings Company® has been manufacturing cold pour crack sealant since 1982.  Our cold pour crack sealants have stood the test of time in all the different climatic conditions.  A quality cold pour crack sealer has certain characteristics which define it as a Sealer and not just a Filler.  ASTM testing methods and AASHTO specifications on penetration, ductility, elongation, flexibility, weathering and softening points assure proper performance. SealFleX6690 a single-component, ready-to-use, ultra-low modulus, pourable, neutral cure elastomeric emulsion which exceeds the performance and durability characteristics of hot melt ASTM D6690 sealants. It provides a lasting and flexible seal with the ease of installation of self-leveling pourable materials.  SealFleX6690 is the ONLY product that meets both ASTM D6690 (Standard Specification for Joint and Crack Sealants, Hot Applied, for Concrete and Asphalt Pavements) and ASTM C920 (Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants). 

Gator-Aid® GO is the only crackfiller and surface sealer in one.  An asphaltic emulsion blend of mineral fillers, recycled shingles, plasticizers and HDPE fibers designed specially to fill wider cracks; repair alligatored and raveled areas AND provide a sealed wear surface in just one application.  Gator-Aid® GO dries jet black in color and has superior application advantages in that it can be applied with just a paint roller while a spray wand/truck or squeegee machine can be used for commercial applications. No job is too small or too large! 

A cold pour crack sealer has the ability to stretch to withstand the expansion and contraction of the surface, ultraviolet resistance, low temperature flexibility, and resistance to the tendency of emulsions to become tacky and sticky in high temperatures.  Allstates Coatings manufactures the highest quality joint and crack sealers with all of these characteristics.  As a leader in the pavement maintenance industry, Allstates Coatings Company® is dedicated to providing technically advanced, user and environmentally friendly products at competitive prices.

Allstates' Crack Sealers...
Safe, Environmentally Friendly, Durable, Ready to Use, & Quick Clean-Up.
Flex Crete™ Gray CONCRETE Joint & Crack (Allstates' CONCRETE Joint and Crack Sealing Basics)

   SealFleX6690 (Type II Joint and Crack Sealer)

Super Flex® (premium crack sealer)
Flex Crac™ (cold pour crack sealer)
Trowel Flex Crac™ (trowel grade crack

Gator-Aid® (mastic alligatoring patch)
Gator-Aid® GO (asphalt filler sealer)
Crac Shot™ (drum pump)


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