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Crack Sealers
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Gator-Aid® | Duraflex

ALT-652 Gator-Aid®
Mastic Alligatoring Patch

Gator-Aid® is a blend of asphalt emulsion, mineral fillers, reinforcement fibers, ground rubber, and plasticizers designed especially for alligatored areas (click photo or here for link to video). It is durable and resilient in all kinds of climates.  Gator-Aid® is safe and easy to use.  It is more economical than hot mix with no digging or heavy, expensive equipment required.  Work into aged and cracked areas with a rubber squeegee.



ALT-655 Duraflex
Loop Filler 

A highly rubberized asphalt emulsion modified with plasticizers and low density fillers to provide cathodic protection and to achieve excellent durability and flexibility.  Duraflex® Loop Filler is a one component and pourable crack sealant designed for sealing inductive wire loops and leads imbedded in asphalt and concrete surfaces.







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